Parcel “J” Park Project

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concept artwork

I was one of three people selected to present my proposal for new public artwork at a new park being built in Orange County, FL. We had to do our proposals over a zoom meeting. Which I think helped me a lot. I get very shy and have a hard time talking in front of a group of people, no matter the size. So talking to my iPad made me feel like it was just a practice run. I was the last person to talk, we didn’t get to see what the others proposed. I just sat and waited looking at a blank screen until they invited me to the meeting. As I’m sitting there and waiting for my turn, I am getting hotter and hotter. I thought it was just my nerves getting to me. I kept turning the AC down, lower and lower. After the meeting was over I discovered that my AC wasn’t working properly. Luckily my dad is really good at fixing things, so I called him. Moments later I am out the door to go by parts. While I was on my way back home, I get a call. They were calling to tell me that I was selected for the project!!!! Wooowhooo!!!

In their description they wrote about the park: This will be a new park in the growing suburbs on former Florida scrub land where Sandhill Cranes once were a common sight. Right then I knew I was going to include Sandhill Cranes in the mural. These birds are soo cool and I love seeing them! I didn’t want to do a normal scene with everything to scale. I dove back into one of my favorite things to do which is collage. I look through my photos and pulled a few of some Sandhill Cranes that live in my neighborhood. And some of the Beauty Berries & Spanish Needles (2 native plants to Central Florida) that grow in the nature preserve behind my house and play around with different layouts.

In the park there is a concession building and my mural will be installed on a wall that is facing into the park. It will be installed in Spring/Summer of 2021. So I have a little bit of time to build this 330 sq. ft. mural. I will be using Daltile Natural Hues ceramic tiles and also creating handmade tiles with imprints of plants. I can’t wait to get started!

The park is located at 12901 Moss Park Rd, Orlando, FL 32832. Eventually there will be an Elementary school built next door. Here’s a link for more info about the park –

sample boards

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