I’m honored to share that not only my mural “Natural Florida” was accepted into the MGAI exhibit, but it also won “Best Site-Specific or Architectural Project”. Congratulations to all the other artists that were accepting into this exhibit!

The Society of American Mosaic Artists (SAMA) and the Stained Glass Association of America (SGAA) will be presenting the Mosaic and
Glass Arts International 2023 exhibition series at the CEPA Gallery, Buffalo, New York, September 1 – 30, 2023. Click here to see the other winners – Mosaic and Glass Arts International 2023

The exhibition series will be comprised of two segments: Fine Art and Site-Specific & Architectural Art, and includes a special exhibit by Redmond, Oregon artist, Kate Kerrigan. The exhibition elevates new perspectives of mosaic art, stained glass and architectural art in numerous contexts and celebrates established as well as emerging artists working in these traditional mediums today. All segments
combined represent 35 artists from throughout the United States, Canada, The United Kingdom and South Africa.
The Society of American Mosaic Artists began partnering with the Stained Glass Association of America in early 2022 to expand outreach, enrich programming and share resources to more effectively serve both the stained glass and mosaic art communities. “Both stained glass and mosaic communities are united by a spirit of generosity, driven to create for others. This exhibition sparks a dialogue about our mediums and how artists aspire to aid community healing and renewal. It has truly been a joy to both observe and engage with these works and I am eager to continue advocating with both to make more of this work possible.”

After a three-year hiatus from presenting the annual exhibition in-person, SAMA Executive Director, Dawnmarie Zimmerman is ecstatic to share the work of artists who never stopped creating throughout the pandemic. “This exhibition is truly a celebration of perseverance. Some of the community and architectural installations endured countless delays and resource challenges, yet the artists and fabricating studios found a way to complete these monumental works and infuse art into public places and engage communities.”

The Fine Art and Site-Specific & Architectural Art segments were juried by a distinguished panel including; Claudia Carballada, Manager of Community Engagement, Buffalo AKG Art Museum, Lindsy R. Parrott, Executive Director and Curator, The Neustadt Collection of
Tiffany Glass and Lillian Sizemore, Researcher, Maker, and Educator. They selected 38 works from over 120 submitted by the SAMA and SGAA members.
Claudia Carballada will always treasure the experience of jurying this exhibition. “The art practices of stained glass and mosaics come to me filled with historical richness. In the submissions to this juried exhibition, the artists shed brilliant light on the importance of what it means to use stained glass and mosaics to document current events of today; pushing boundaries and challenging tradition to evoke
transformation. These works speak to community, personal reflection, transformation of space, and critical commentary of the world that circumnavigates around each artist. Within all of that, artworks produced demonstrated mastery of skill, technique, and the artists’ heart.”
Lindsy R. Parrott was moved emotionally by the field of entries. “I was struck by the strong emotional content of so many of the works we considered. Through mosaic and stained glass, Covid’s impact on individual health and wellbeing were processed; lost loved ones were publicly memorialized; and communities were engaged to create joyful expressions of neighborhood and cultural pride. These
expressions feel urgent—affirming life and love, and the importance of community—and they demonstrate how art making is an essential part of the human experience.”
The exhibition’s cross-over conversation between mosaic and stained glass was exciting for Lillian Sizemore. “Both mediums make use of light fractured into three-dimensions. Both build on “The One and the Many”, that is, materially, creating a whole image from small units arranged in determined patterns. Philosophically, the artist can be the alchemist of wildly varying surfaces telling stories of our origins.” Sizemore added, “We had many thoughtful conversations and being in dialogue with the other juror-professionals who offered their well-seasoned discernment was truly an exhilarating experience.”

The jurors were also tasked with selecting 11 awards from the work selected for the exhibition. SAMA and SGAA are proud to announce the following awardees and congratulate them on this incredible achievement.

Best in Show – Mosaic

Kathleen Crocetti, “Watsonville Brilliante”

Watsonville Brillante

Best in Show – Stained Glass

Anika Van Der Merwe, “The Woman and the Red Dragon”


Technical Distinction – Mosaic

Todd Campbell, “Time and Tide No. 8”

Todd Campbell

Technical Distinction – Stained Glass

Ariana Makau & Armelle Le Roux, Nzilani Glass Conservation, Valley Memorial Tree


Contemporary Innovation – Mosaic

Casey Van Loon, “Daphnaie”

Casey Van Loon

Contemporary Innovation – Stained Glass

Aloria Weaver, “Queen of Heaven”

Aloria Weaver

Best Site-Specific or Architectural Project

Cherie Bosela, “Natural Florida”


Best Community Project

Gigi Miller, “Corazon de Oro (Batadillo)”


Juror’s Awards

Claudia Carballada – Jane Chaskey, “Connections”


Lindsy R. Parrott – Donna Van Hooser, “And Dance by the Light of the Moon”

Donna Van Hooser

Lillian Sizemore – Melanie Berry, “Burning Bridges”

Melanie Berry

Mosaic and Glass Arts International 2023 Featured Artists
Michelena Bamford, Melanie Berry, Cherie Bosela, Janet Byrne, Todd Campbell, Jane Chaskey, Carole Choucair Oueijan, Kathleen Crocetti, Darcel Deneau, Barbara Dybala, Chris Elam, Jolynn Forman, Eileen Gay, Laura Gilroy, Jacki Gran, Carol Hemsley, Marilyn Kassel, Kate Kerrigan, Candice Klofenstein, Kelley Knickerbocker, William Lupkin, Ariana Makau & Armelle Le Roux, Nzilani Glass Conservation, Gigi Miller, Dale R. Molnar, Gila Rayberg, Monique Sarfity, Elizabeth Sinkova, Dianne Sonnenberg, Carol Stirton-Broad, Jamie Tessler, Anika Van Der Merwe, Donna Van Hooser, Casey Van Loon, Aloria Weaver.

CEPA Gallery will be hosting an opening during Downtown Buffalo’s “First Friday” event, September 1, 2023. SGAA and SAMA will be hosting their 2023 Conference—Forging New Paths at the Hyatt Regency Buffalo, Buffalo NY, September 27 – October 1, 2023.

The Society of American Mosaic Artists is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to educating, inspiring, and promoting excellence in mosaic arts. The Stained Glass Association of America is a 125 year old 501(c)(6) professional organization whose primary mission is to protect and preserve the integrity of the stained glass industry. Located in Buffalo’s historic Market Arcade Complex, CEPA Gallery is a contemporary photography and visual arts center with impact in both local and national communities. With three galleries of changing exhibits and events, multimedia public art installations, arts
education programs, and an open-access darkroom and digital photo lab, CEPA creates a vibrant presence in the heart of downtown Buffalo. Originally incorporated as the Center for Exploratory and Perceptual Arts to serve as a community darkroom and exhibition space, CEPA Gallery was founded during the Alternative Space Movement in May 1974 by recent graduates of the University of Buffalo

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