Coverings 2021

Dawnmarie Zimmerman, Executive Director of Society of American Mosaic Artist and I with my mural and the 100 Moments in Mosaic Exhibit

In the beginning of the year, I got an email from Coverings – The Global Tile & Stone Experience saying that they would like to partner with a local mosaic artist in someway. The theme for this year was Artistry in Tile. We discussed a few different things I might do while there. I went to them and said what if I worked on a large scale mosaic and people can walk up to ma and ask what questions they like or just watch me work. And they thought it sounded great!

Here’s all I was able to get done during the 2.5 days I was there. I also got the eye of the sandhill crane done too. I talked to a LOT of people!!

July 6 was set up! WOW!!! It was CRAZY!! I wish I would’ve taken video of all the forklifts driving all over the place, all the building materials being moved around, all the carpenters building these AMAZING display houses. I call them house, because some of them were probable the size of my house!!!! Here’s a photo of one of them. The Ceramics of Italy area even had their own fancy café and lounge area, where you could get gelato. There were people from all over the world that have booths and come to the show.

July 7-9 was the show days. I shared a space with Society of American Mosaic Artist – which I am also a member of. They had 2 displays here. The one in the same space as me was 100 Moments in Mosaic exhibit. It’s a non-juried exhibit open to members only. They send you a 6×6 substrate and you do what you want and it gets exhibited at a few different places during the year.

The other display area was the 2020 MAI Architectural & Site Specific Exhibit. Which i had a piece in.

It was really fun to talk to tile installers that were excited to try out mosaic and it was cool to see pics from some of them that are already doing mosaic work. It’s really funny to see our similar but different approaches to creating a mosaic. While it was an exhausting couple of days – it was a lot of fun and I can’t wait till they are back in Orlando in 2023!!

Dawnmarie and I a few minutes before we started packing up!!

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