The Butterfly Project

Date: 2011


Medium: mosaic made from stained glass, beads and millefiori on mesh



In the summer of 2011, Eve Oberst of Kraken Mosaics put out a

call to artists on Flickr, a social networking site for photographers and visual artists. She asked interested artists to create a mosaic butterflies,

a theme that fit the Calusa Nature Center perfectly. The mural sits between the Butterfly Garden and the alligators. Butterfly mosaics for "The Butterfly Project" have flown in from all over the world! I created 4 and my sister created one. It was a really fun project to take part in.



Check out Eve's blog about the "The Butterfly Project" - And see all the other butterflies made for this cause.


All Artwork and photography © Cherie Bosela - All Rights Reserved

Designed by Cherie Bosela - Orlando, Florida