Soulmates: The Lovebug Story

Date: 2014


Size: 10.75” x 7” x 2”


Medium: mosaic made with stained glass, beads, glitter, mica chips, glitter tiles and original photography under the glass


This piece is part of a small series I did on Love bugs. It all started during our Love bug season here in Florida when I noticed a large group of them on a tree in my backyard. I started taking photos of them - I couldn't believe how many of them were out there, all in the same location.

There was an art contest I knew was coming up for a local furniture store

I wanted to enter. The only restrictions were it had to have a furniture and love theme to the piece. I started thinking of all these titles for pieces - Soulmates, Love is in the Air, Looking for Love. I wanted to create

pieces for all the titles and ideas that just flooded my brain.

The first one was - "Looking for Love". It was a small Artist Trading Card. "Love is in the Air" was the piece created for the art contest and won First Place!! "Soulmates" is the last piece in the series.

Created for 2014 SAMA Mosaic Salon

All Artwork and photography © Cherie Bosela - All Rights Reserved

Designed by Cherie Bosela - Orlando, Florida