Diversity Mural in Orlando

Mosaic artists Jennifer Kuhns (WA) and Cherie Bosela (FL) have teamed up to create a mural for a prominent wall in Orlando in memory of the victims of the Pulse Nightclub shooting, and all who suffer from discrimination. Hearts are being made by artists all over the world, and 700 of the hearts have been installed,
we are still working on the mural and have another 300+ more hearts to install.

We are still excepting donations through a
Go Fund Me that has been created to pay for installation costs. 
The mural is much larger then we ever expected, we can still use your help to raise money!
Laticrete International has generously offered thinset, grout and pigments for this project.


WE have received OVER 1000 HEARTS!!!!


This image shows a drawing of what still needs to be installed.

How it all began!!

Jennifer Kuhns leads a weekly mosaic program for at-risk teens in a rural town in Washington State (USA) and in January 2017, she launched a mural project for the side of the high school. They've been making mosaic hearts in class and with the community all year, which has been installed to create a giant rainbow floating away from a silhouetted figure blowing kisses. The most wonderful aspect of this project has been that mosaic artists and students around the world have also sent hearts for the mural!

The design developed as a response to the Pulse nightclub shooting on June 12, 2016 in Orlando, FL as a way to send support and love to those who suffer from discrimination and hatred. After the presidential election, the message felt even more urgent, and more broad. We feel this message extends to all who are persecuted for being outside of the mainstream. It is a giant, visual love note to the world, and a way for participants (heart-makers) to express support for and alliance with disenfranchised people.

Now, Jennifer Kuhns and Cherie Bosela have teaming up to create a second version of the mural to be installed on the exterior wall of Lamp Shade Fair in Orlando, FL. Cherie's mosaic studio, Luna Mosaic Arts is in a neighborhood 5 miles north of the Pulse Nightclub, and she'll be collecting completed hearts at that location. Jennifer will fly to Orlando when enough hearts have been collected to work on the installation.


We have invited mosaic artists from all over the world to create hearts to be part of the mural.

Be sure to follow our progress on the official facebook page:


In the Media!

Location of the mural is on the South side of
Lamp Shade Fair.  Only a 4 minute walk from Luna Mosaic Arts.

1336 N Mills Ave
Orlando, FL 32803




Locals already SPREADING the LOVE!!!

Make sure when you post a pic use the hashtag #DiversityMural

Some of the HEARTS that we have received from all over the WORLD!!!

All Artwork and photography © Cherie Bosela - All Rights Reserved

Designed by Cherie Bosela - Orlando, Florida