About the Artist

Board of Trustees

since April 2014

          Cherie Bosela has been creating art since she could pick up a pencil and draw.  Growing up here in Central Florida, she learned photography from her dad. She took her first photography class in high school and continued with the medium all through college.  She graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Art.

          During college she was always searching for her medium. She studied every medium available to her.  She thought Photography might be it since she had been experimenting with it for so long, but it was missing the hands on building and creating.  The very first mosaic she made in 2000 was from a kit, and it ended up in the garbage. Not happy with her results, she bought a few books about mosaics and started playing around with different types of tesserae.  Then she started playing with her photography under the glass.  She finally felt like she found her mediums!

          Her mosaic work has been included in exhibits at The Museum of Glass in Tacoma, WA, 1st Thursdays at the Orlando Museum of Art, Mayor’s Gallery in Orlando’s City Hall, CityArts Factory, Lexington Center Museum & Gallery, and Williams Tower Gallery, Houston, TX  to name a few.  Recently several pieces of her artwork was published in “Bonnie Fitzgerald’s Guide to Mosaic Technique”.  She has won several awards for her mosaic work.  In 2014, she joined the Society of American Mosaic Artists Board of Trustees.

          As a side project, she helps raise money for various Weimaraner rescues all over the country.  It started with just taking fun photographs of her two Weimaraners Lucy & Violet. Then it turned in to printing and selling cards with the photographs she has taken.  Most of the profit is then given to the Weimaraner rescues.
            March 11, 2016, she opened an online mosaic supply store Luna Mosaic Arts.  April 1st, 2016 she then took over the brick and mortar studio space previous owned by Janis Nunez (Sugar Skull Artz).   She sells various mosaic supplies, invites other mosaic artists to teach workshops and creates her artwork at the studio space on 813 Virginia Dr. Orlando, FL 32803.  Stop by and say "Hi".


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Designed by Cherie Bosela - Orlando, Florida